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The Regs are a like-minded group of Honor players on the Asheron's Call world of Darktide. We don't claim towns, we don't own people, and we don't Random Player Kill (RPK).

Each member of DR has the freedom to take on the responsibility of becoming a patron, however it is required by the guild that all possible new recruits post on the Guild Recruitment Forum, and be vouched for by 2 members in good standing or 1 guild leader.  Of our members, we have the following rules/guidelines:

  1. NO RPKing. If you suddenly decide that you wish to become a Random Player Killer, make sure you stop and think about it, and be sure that it's what you want. When you're certain, inform the guild, and especially your patron. If possible, your patron will break allegiance with you. But you do NOT start to PK until you remove the DR tag. If you later decide to return to the side of good, then your conduct during your "days of evil" will determine if we will still consider you a "friend." You will not, however, be a Reg.
  2. No begging. Just because you've joined a guild, this does not entitle you to every weapon and piece of armor you've ever wanted. Your patron will do his/her best to equip you, and time-permitting, will hunt with you. Just do your best not to demand ALL of your patron's in-game time.
  3. Respect our enemies! Despite being evil, our enemies are worthy of respect. When defeating them in battle, pay a parting homage to them, thanking them for the fight. When you loot, if you see something that you think might be special to the fallen, and they have returned your respect, consider giving them the special item back. But never mock them, or say, "Thanks for this lovely autographed Olthoi Helm!" Conversely, when falling in battle, be gracious. Again, thank them for the fight, and congratulate them. If they ignore you, or attempt to make fun of you, don't reply - they don't deserve your time. Special note: if the player is continuously spamming you with "OWNED" messages, feel free to squelch them for a short time, but strive to keep your Squelch list empty. If you squelch someone, you won't hear their spell-words, which is a tactical weakness.
  4. Take care of your vassals. You're under no obligation to spend all of your time with your vassals, or to give every item you find to them. But make sure that they have what they need to find their way through the world. If you give them an exceptionally good weapon, make sure that they're hunting somewhere relatively safe, and that the weapon is covered by death-items. Make sure your vassals know to visit this site often, and introduce themselves to the rest of the guild. Treat your vassals with respect, and if they ever decide to leave the guild, release them, update the Guilds Tree, and thank them for the time they've spent with us.
  5. Use the Forum, Web Site Messaging, and IRC! If you need something, let us all know, and we'll all do our best to help. The Forums let us all express our opinions, tell our stories, make our jokes, and make fun of each other. Most of all, it keeps us all informed of guild policies, enemies, friends, etc.
  6. NO GEAR! No Speedhack! We will NOT cheat. We don't care if some level 13 jerk uses it to get a kill on you - we do not use Gear! Other add-ons such as Sixth Sense, Mageminder, etc are yours to use at your own risk. With Sixth Sense, though, I do ask that you avoid using it to track down your PK enemies. In essence, any 3rd party utility that gives you an advantage over a foe is NOT to be used in PvP situations.


The Regs depend on our reputation in the world at large. While we don't give two squirts of piss what a guild like Blood thinks of us, others, like COA, DW, etc, share our ideals and goals, and are our brothers and sisters on the side of Good. The way we conduct ourselves, therefore, makes a HUGE difference in how we're treated by our potential allies. There are those of us who tend to lose our tempers, and say things that we should be saying - this leads to political troubles that we can ill afford.

The Regs maintain a strict code in regards to the practice of trash-talking - as suggested above, we simply DO NOT DO IT. We cannot allow ourselves to snap, nor to take our frustrations out verbally (or otherwise) on our friends, guildmates, or even enemies.

The first report of a trash-talking offense will result in a warning. The second will result in a discussion involving the Regulators and the "accused" - all sides will be invited to speak their side of the issue. Once the discussion is complete, a vote will decide if the accused is to be removed from the Regulators. All subsequent offenses will be dealt with in the same way.

The goal here isn't to add to the "anti political BS" that people hate so much - it's to help us maintain our sense of honor and dignity. Being removed for trash-talking doesn't make you a bad person, nor does it mean you have to go and join Blood. It simply means that we're unable to agree in terms of Code of Conduct, and ask you simply to wear a different tag.

Our rules are simple, and are mostly based on common sense and respect. Darktide is a harsh realm, and we're here with the hopes of making DT life better for all.

The main content of this charter was borrowed from the Darktide Wanderers. As our brothers in the fight against evil, and our first allies on the harsh realm of Darktide we hope they find our blatant copying of their charter as an attempt to flatter them!