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We are a guild Based on Honor, it is our base, our foundation, our point of stability, it defines who we are.

What is Honor?

Honor is a code of integrity, dignity, and pride. It is a truth of character, expressed though ones interactions with others. Honor is something which rightfully attracts esteem, respect, or consideration from others. Honor gives oneself a feeling of self-respect, dignity, courage, excellence of character, and nobleness.

This is my definition, this is who we are, what we strive for. If this does not hold true for you please leave, you will not fit in here.

  • We do not tolerate whiners, beggars, thieves, kill-stealers, grief players, etc.
  • We do not tolerate "sore losers" or "quitters". Be gracious in victory as well as in defeat.
  • Trash talk or Shit talk WILL NEVER BE ACCEPTABLE. see above point.
  • Abnormal amounts of foul language, or lude behavior will not be tolerated. Some of us have (or are) kids and don't want to be exposed to that type of behavior.
  • We do not and will not tolerate sexism, or racism; Prejudice of any kind do not belong in our Clan.
  • Any member bad-mouthing another member in a public forum may suffer disciplinary actions. If you have a problem with another member please resolve it privately via email. Or come to your Leaders for Mediation.
  • The clan comes before the individual. A member must be willing to put Clan needs ahead of his own. That said the Clan will try to provide for it's members in everything it does.