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The Secret World

The Secret World is a massively multiplayer online game set in a modern world

Image if every myth, conspiracy and urban legend was true. Imagine a world where you can become what you want, without restrictions of class or level.

In The Secret World, the player is a "hero" having incredible powers, a sleeper agent until they are called to confront the powers of darkness around the world. "Dark Days are Coming," the dark days come and appear mysterious and atypical events on Earth. Mythological creatures, demons, vampires and even minor deities emerge from the darkness and infiltrate the real world. An army of heroes must stand up and confront the forces of evil.

To carry out this mission, some opt for guns or martial arts, the others will use magic, voodoo or impose their will on demons and other evil beasts.

In the Secret World, players are "insiders", members of secret societies in specific design and above all fully aware of the emergence of creatures ... In view of its priorities and beliefs, each player chooses the company of its choice, joining the Templars (London), the Illuminati (New York) or Dragon (Seoul).

Character Progression

The Secret World bases its gameplay on a wide range of skills that the player will be able to learn. The game does not use classes or levels. The player creates his character as he wishes. More than 500 different skills will allow anyone to create a unique character.

The character progression is done with the experience from killing monsters, by completing missions, making objects or when fighting in PVP. Each time the player gets a certain amount of experience (always the same), they get a skill point to unlock their skills. There are several skill levels. Skills require higher levels, of course, more skill points to be unlocked.

The character can then "fit" up to 7 active skills and passive skills chosen freely among all the skills unlocked to accommodate the needs of the group or situation. Certain powers or effects may also have a synergy. However, some of the most powerful government can stop more than one site of power.


The Secret World allows players to explore places known and unknown in the modern world, from major cities such as London, Seoul and New York to more exotic places like Egypt, Transylvania, New England and many others...

Keep an eye out during your pilgrimage as some clues may be hidden around you or some events could be triggered at any time.

The Secret World is a massively multiplayer game. It is best to play in groups and not alone. Some missions also make the game appeal to team play (The core group is limited to four members, but certain situations may require more groups). It will be easier to ally with other players to explore the secret world, combine your respective powers and fight monsters and creatures of the game.

Some missions will also ask you to infiltrate an enemy base without being detected, either by guards or security systems (alarms, cameras).

However, exploration is not limited to the boudaries of the game as some missions require you to make investigations searching the internet to solve the puzzles that block your progress.


The player can choose between hundreds of different options to customize their character, choose different weapons, clothes and powers. Since there are no classes, there is no limit on clothing. You wear what you want. It will be possible to recover objects with the missions or fighting, or in shops in large cities.

In PVP areas, this customization is less in terms of clothing, since each player will wear the uniform of his secret society.