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So you want to Join the Regs?

Due to issues that have arisen by an open Recruitment Policy with the Guild, the Leaders have introduced this new Policy which will take effect right away.

Anyone wishing to join the Regulators is free to post on our Recruitment Forum. Possible new recruits must be vouched for by two Members in Good Standing of the Guild or one Guild Leader and must be over level 50. A Screen Shot of your Login Screen must be sent to before we will even consider your application.

To be considered in Good Standing Guild Members must not be on any form of Probation. This is to include but not limited to New Members currently serving their 30 day Probationary Period. The Recruitment Liaison has final say on if someone gets accepted to the guild.

After the individual is accepted into the Guild they will be placed on a 30 day (1 month) Probationary period, during this 30 day probationary period the individual will not be allowed access to the Regs XP Chain, No access to our Internal Web Site, No access to the Guild or Allies Internal Forums, and can absolutely NOT accept new vassals.

During the Probationary period the individual is only allowed to be warned once before they are removed from the guild and are not allowed to swear back into the guild until such time as the Recruitment Liaison feels they may.

Once the individual has completed their 30 day probationary period they will be instated to the guild as Full members with all rights afforded the members of the guild.