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World of Warcraft Races

Alliance   Horde
Human ImageHuman

Though humans are among the younger races on Azeroth, they have faced many challenges with fortitude and resilience.
Orc ImageOrc

Unlike the other races of the Horde, Orcs are not native to Azeroth. Initially, they lived as shamanic clans on the lush world of Draenor.
Dwarf ImageDwarf

The bold and courageous Dwarves are an anctient race descended from the earthen-beings of living stone created by the Titans when the world was young.
Undead ImageUndead

When the Lich King's grasp on his vast armies faltered after the Third War, a contingent of undead broke free of their master's iron will.
Night Elf ImageNight Elf

The Ancient and reclusive Night Elves have playe a pivotal role in shaping Azeroth's fate throughout its history.
Tauren Imagetauren

The peaceful tauren, known in their own tongue as the Shu'halo, have long dwelled in Kalimdor, striving to preserve the balance of nature at the behest of their goddess, the Earth Mother.
Gnome ImageGnome

The clever, spunky, and oftentimes eccentric gnomes present a unique paradox among the civilized races of Azeroth.
Troll ImageTroll

The savage trolls of Azeroth are infamous for their cruelty, dark mysticism, and seeting hatred for all other races.
Gnome ImageDraenei

Armed with their unshakeable faith in the Light, the Draenei ventured to their embattled former home as steadfast members of the Alliance and defeated their ancient demonic rivals.
Blood Elf ImageBlood Elf

During the Third War, the glorious High Elves of Quel'Thalas were nearly scoured from Azeroth. Now they struggle to rebuild their once-great society and overcome their dependence on arcane magic.
Gnome ImageWorgen

Behind the formidable Greymane Wall, a terrible curse transformed some of the stalwart citizens of the isolated kingdom of Gilneas into nightmarish lupine beasts known as Worgen.
Troll ImageGoblin

Reforging old pacts with their collegues' one-time allies, the goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel have been welcomed into the Horde with open arms.
Alliance Pandaran ImagePandaren

The wise Pandaren embrace harmony, and lead full lives of food, family and fights on Pandaria. A few leave their home to join the Alliance, where they embody righteousness and honor.
Horde Pandaran ImagePandaren

The wise pandaren embrace harmony, and lead full lives of food, family and fights on Pandaria. A few leave their home to side with the Horde and act decisively to protect themselves and others.