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This is our Diplomacy Page. Check this site regularly for changes in status of Guilds.


The Darktide Rhino Party

Guild Name Tag Monarch Status
Circle of Arms Xanthro Xanthro Allied
Circulus Magus Krylor Krylor Allied
Clan Direwolf Sanman Sanman Allied
Clan of the Hand Clan of the Hand Clan of the Hand Allied
Darktide Wanderers Niyoto Niyoto Allied
Fight with Honor FWH Maddog FWH Maddog Allied
House of Blackrock Zandar Blackrock Council of Cores Allied
Soldier of Light Solarch Arcar Solarch Arcar Allied
The Lore Puncture of the Lore Puncture of the Lore Allied
The ORB Monarchy ORB ORB Allied

Guild Name Tag Monarch Status
Fremen Knights Faveo Faveo Allied

We treat allies as if they where our own members. If you see them in any trouble then help them out no matter what. If you have to die 20 times to prevent one of their deaths then do it! Level with them. Raid with them. Check out their Website!


Guild Name Tag Monarch Status
House of Sagious (HoS) Sagious Sagious Friendly
House of Whisper (HoW) Ravenhawk Ravenhawk Friendly
Newbies with Attitude (NWA) Unsure Unsure Friendly

If you see them in trouble then help them out unless they are fighting with another friendly guild! Just stay out of the way if this happens and let them settle their own differences. If they are attacking an Allied guild then you always help the Allied Guild member but make sure you get screenshots of the interaction and inform a Leader immediately of what is transpiring. Get to know them. Check out there Website.


Guild Name Tag Monarch Status
Defenders of Order Owyn Owyn Neutral
Dog Soldiers Dog Soldiers Dog Soldiers Neutral
Dogs of War Carbok Carbok Neutral
Hand of Alberon Alberon Mindeater Alberon Mindeater Neutral
Justice League Justice League Justice League Neutral
Lsbrotherhood True Orb True Orb Neutral
North Star Duren Duren Neutral
Pengraff the Just Pengraff the Just Pengraff the Just Neutral
Scions of Vengeance Titus the Forsaken Titus the Forsaken Neutral
Shalanx Shalanx Shalanx Neutral
Souls of RA Sun Jian, Deathsunn Deathsunn Neutral
The Agency The Agency The Agency Neutral
The Black Rose Al Krieger Al Krieger Neutral
The Coalition Netstorm Netstorm Neutral
The Dark The Dark The Dark Neutral
The New Breed Kal Hex Kal Hex Neutral
The Source The Silent Spearman The Silent Spearman Neutral
Thieves of Elightenment Talkative Joe Talkative Joe Neutral
War Pigs Bob al-Smith Bob al-Smith Neutral

Neutral guilds are guilds that we have had good relations with or are considered friendly by trusted guilds. Help them if you see them in trouble or fighting with guilds that are known to be PK


Guild Name Tag Monarch Status
Adnan Adnan Adnan Wary
Scarlet Colored Vampires Davor Davor Wary
Strength and Honor Seraph The Spartacus Wary
The Bear Tribe Wise Like Bear Wise Like Bear Wary
The Elite Circle Saltine Saltine Wary
The Gloom Family Shimmering Gloom Shimmering Gloom Wary
The Last Hope Chad-the-Feared Chad-the-Feared Wary
The Last Stand Hou Khao Council of Cores Wary

Guilds on wary status are those that we have not had good experiences with, have PKd our members, or are considered possibly hostile by trusted guilds. Do not attack unless attacked. Keep your distance.


Guild Name Tag Monarch Status
Acid Sin Acid Sin Acid Sin War
Albert Gore thee Penius Albert Gore thee Penius Albert Gore thee Penius War
Black Lotus Black Lotus Black Lotus War
Devils of Kimone Dark Kimone Dark Kimone War
Ethion the Elf Ethion Ethion War
Godfather II Godfather II Godfather II War
House of Chaos Venger Venger War
Keepers of Chaos Blood Blood War
Kryzik Kryzik Kryzik War
Muerden Muerden Muerden War
The Select Few Loduss Loduss War
The Smurfs Pappa Smurf Pappa Smurf War

PK status denotes these guilds as being RPK, some individuals have a sense of honor, some are borderline trash. They will all try to kill you. End of story.