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Early in the days of Asheron's Call there was a Guild known as House Baenre. This was a small group of friends on the Darktide World who liked to have fun as a group, and at times fight for a place they wanted to live.

For many months HoB existed and made many friends on the World of Darktide. Soon a great war erupted in the Town of Ayan Baqur. This war meant many things to HoB. Many of the members of HoB had moved to AB while many still remained in Baishi which was just a portal jump away from AB. The War, which consisted of many Anti Guilds fighting with a new rpk guild on Darktide known as Generation, lasted for some time and was a very expensive war. Near the end of the war in AB the large, ever present Monarchy Blood emerged on the scene to reck havoc on all sides. HoB did what they could to assist in the defense of AB, and Baishi as AB fell to the Bloods.

Some of the Key Members of House Baenre who fought in the AB wars were, Berg'inyon Baenre, Timberwulfe, Johud and William Ohms. William's participation was very small in the Large AB war as he was only level 24 at the time of the war and most of the attackers were at least twice his level.

William went back to baishi to get re-equipped, and met a few other lower level members of House Baenre, and Towel, who decided they were going to try to defend Baishi from the onslaught of the lower level Bloods, and random other rpk's who were attacking Baishi in the wake of the AB wars. They began defending Baishi with their hearts and souls. But as AB fell so did Baishi.

After "The First AB Wars" many members of HoB started drifting off to other guilds while some left the game to escape the rampant game cheating which was occuring.

What remained of HoB moved to live in Bandit's Castle as a member of the Northern Alliance. Soon after Berg'inyon Baenre (the monarch of HoB) decided his time on Dereth and Darktide had come to an end. As he left Darktide he disbanded HoB. Many members had already moved on from the guild to join other guilds such as the House of Sagious.

Johud, a member which left HoB to join HoS decided he wanted to get back to the root of the game and departed HoS to start his own Guild. He contacted many friends from the HoB days and many followed him to help form the Darktide Regulators.

Over a short period of time the Regulators grew in size from approximately 30 members to well over 100. This was mainly due to the guilds closeness within itself. Everyone was like one big family. Requests for assistance were quickly answered by many and we always tried to live close together so everyone was aware of what was going on.

The Regulators thrived for quite sometime on just being a group. Slowly though Politics came in the way of the Basic Roots of the guild. Internal Conflicts Reared their head and a few members left to seek other avenues of the game.

Not too long ago Johud decided it was time to hang up his hat and retire from Asheron's Call to test his mettle in the game of DAoC. For those wondering No, Johud is not somewhere on EBay right now selling his character to the highest bidder, Johud is retired, he will not be returning to the game as an RPK in the Blood monarchy. A lot of talk was made internally with the Regulators if we should continue the tradition of this guild or just move on to other guilds if we decided to remain in the game. It was finally decided the guild would remain and we would rebuild the Regulators in the basic traditions of our guild.

And so today we begin the great trial of rebuilding the guild. Where we go from here is up to everyone in the guild.

After a short merger into the Guild Clan of the Hand we restruct out to remake the Regulators. Guided by Silver-wolfe and William Ohmsford the Regs were reformed and continue active participation on the AC Server of Darktide.

We have also began branching out into other games including AC2, and future games to be announced. This has lead us to rename the Guild to The Regs in order to maintain a unanimous name throughout the games we enjoy.

- Written by William Ohms 15 March 2003